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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Philosopher's Guild Factual Questions List

Yoooo guys. Here's the list... I think I got them all.

-Who stated that one cannot "deduce values from facts"?
Answer: Hilary Putnam
-Who attempted to disprove Berkeley's theory of object permanence by kicking a stone? (Samuel Johnson) 
-what philosopher had the theory of immaterialism? (Berkeley)
-Spinoza believed nature and God were one in the same... (True!)
-Who believed that over a life each of us remain the same 'man'?- John Locke
-what did Spinoza do for money?
Answer: He was a lens grinder. 
-what philosopher believed that government's job is to protect life, liberty, and property? (Locke) 
-Who wrote the Letter on Toleration? (John Locke)
-Pascal considered himself a philosopher... (False! He considered himself a theologian and believed philosophers knew barely anything at all) 
-Who does the term "post-Cartesian philosophers" refer to? (Answer: Philosophers that came after Renee Descartes.)
-Richard Rorty urged academic collegues to abandon what?
Answer: epitemology
-Whose philosophy was summed up in the phrase "I think, therefore I am"- Descartes
-who is often called the founder of modern philosophy?(Descartes)


  1. Evan Mason8:10 AM CDT

    Factual Question:
    How many words was Durant's famous book set?
    6 million

    Philosophical question:
    Could religion be merely discovery of an ancient civilization's work of fiction?
    Could say the Harry Potter series be discovered in millions of years when humans as we know them today are extinct and become the religion of the future?

    Comment here:
    How does everyone think the exam is going to go? I like the discussion question posted by Dr. Oliver, any suggestions by anyone else?

    Comment there:
    On the highlanders.