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Monday, October 14, 2013

Nameless Wanderers, Group 3 Honors 3

Here's something on which we can make our comments for participation, plus my stuff. Don't know if that's what you had intended your video post for, Seneca (other than putting up the unintentionally deleted scene from our project), but here's something officially designated for that purpose.

My stuff:

Comment: Frankly, I think our project was a smashing success. I had a great time working with you guys.

Factual: Which of our various philosophical compadres argued a version of the Ontological Argument, that the ability to think proved our existence? (Rene Descartes [LH].)

Discussion: What do you guys think of Descartes's explanation for how we can know that we exist in the first place? Moreover, how can we say that we are not just the mental machinations of a malevolent sea turtle who is asleep? (Meaning, how can we know that we are not just the product of someone else's dream?)

Link: For those who, like me, are interested in epistemology, here is a compilation of links to thirty-two definitions of the word "think": http://www.onelook.com/?w=think&ls=a


  1. I liked the cut Hermione scene you guys posted! Nice job!

  2. Thanks so much for viewing it, Savannah!
    And as for "down to business":
    FACT: True or False: Pascal was a Christian (true)
    DISCUSS: Do you believe there is a vaccum in our hearts that can be filled with only one thing? If so, what is it?
    LINK: "Do you wish people to think well of you? Don't speak well of yourself." Agree or disagree?
    COMMENT: I really loved listening to the projects as well as working on mine. It was such a great way to get a free and different perspective on philosophy.

  3. In regards to your question about ontological arguments, I've always had some problem with them. I do think Descartes has a valid point, that because we can think, we can exist, but I think it fails to properly take into account the complexity of existence. Just because a tree does not 'think' in the terms we define, doesn't mean that the tree does not exist. So, I think it's best to always view ontological arguments with a grain of salt; they tend to come with caveats.

  4. Fact: for a recap: Who was Nero's tutor? - Seneca

    Discussion: Which mid-term project did you find most interesting? Why?

    Comment: I had a great time doing the project with you guys and getting to know each of you.

    Link: A biography on Seneca http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/seneca/#LifWor

  5. Evan Mason6:08 PM CDT

    I have to say i loved your project! it was one of the most entertaining and the blooper reel was great

  6. Comment:Our Butterbeer was good.. but the real thing is better.

    Fact: What was the Trademark Argument? (It suggested that we know God exists because he has left an idea implanted in our minds.)

    Discussion: If the above is true, then how are we to say that "fantasy worlds" and alternate dimensions are improbable?

    Link: http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Descartes_247f91_2864601.png I needed some humor tonight.

  7. You guys did great on your project :)

  8. Hey guys! I loved your presentation on Harry Potter! It was really interesting and very well put together!

  9. Olivia (The Highlanders)10:43 AM CDT

    Loved yall's presentation! Glad I got to become a little more knowledgeable about Harry Potter, I just might have to go watch the movies now! Also, thank you for the refreshments!!!

  10. Anonymous11:36 AM CDT

    Michael Anderson H3

    Fact: What was Descartes's most famous philosophical text? Meditations on First Philosophy.

    Discuss: Do you agree with the claim that Descartes is the "father of modern philosophy"?

    Link: Overview of Descartes and his philosophy.

    1. Anonymous11:37 AM CDT

      Comment: I thought our project went well, and I had a fun time working on it.
      Michael Anderson H3

  11. You guys did a great job on your project. I've done enough viddeos in my day to see the amount of time and effort that was put in.

  12. Hey guys, your video was good and I liked it and stuff.