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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I don't believe anybody posted for the last class meeting, so i'll go ahead. We watched the last group's presentation. It was about Harry Potter and Philosophy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and noted how much work was put into it. The make-up was awesome! But now we are through with spring break and we have to go to class tomorrow to discuss rorty, pascal, and descartes!


  1. Factual Question: What philosopher invented the literary form known as the essay? A: Michel De Montaigne

    Discussion Question: Do you think most philosophical ideas arise from personal experience? Why or why not?

    Comment: I really enjoyed the presentation on Harry Potter and philosophy! It was really interesting to think about one of my favorite literary series from that point of view.

    Link: Here's a link to some more information about Montaigne.

  2. Olivia (The Highlanders)10:36 AM CDT

    Factual question: What philosopher questioned if everything you know is reality or just a dream? A: Descartes

    Discussion question: Do you feel that Pascal contradicts himself by saying that he believes in God because of faith and heart, yet offers a proposal for others to do it based merely off of the best odds?

    Comment: I really enjoyed learning a little about Harry Potter, especially the refreshments! :)

    Link: Here is an interview summary from Rowling when her the Harry Potter series had come to an end!


  3. Anonymous11:40 AM CDT

    Michael Anderson H3

    Glad you enjoyed our presentation, and I agree the make-up was fantastic. Kayla did an excellent job.