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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nameless 8 (group 1 sec 17)

Hey guys today we talked about Descartes, Montaigne, Pascal, and Rorty. Our group started discussions off with the question of could we be dreaming our lives. then the floater bell rang and since only four of us were here there was no floater from our group. After that we ended by talking about dreams and sleep paralysis.

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  1. FQ- What were John Lockes dates of life? ( 1632-1704)
    DQ- Why do some many philosophers take on so many tasks other than being a philosopher.
    Comment- hope people in our group start joining us in class
    Link- I remember in high school we had to read a hand out on John Locke.

  2. I think that so many philosophers take on so many tasks other than "being a philosopher" because to them, philosophy is just a "love of wisdom," so they try to gather as much knowledge and wisdom as they can. The more you can learn the better, because Knowledge truly IS Power!

  3. (17-1)
    My factual question is derived from the Little History of Philosophy. What is the state in which you are sleeping but you dream that you're awake and carrying on with normal day life, until suddenly you realize you're in a dream? I very much enjoyed the discussion for that day. We discussed different states of consciousness induced by sleep states. I liked talking about sleep paralysis as it is a very common problem of mine and it sheds light on the idea of a consciousness separate from the body, of course this is still just a mere trick of the mind that can often cause people to believe they are having an out of body experience or something of that sort. For the next class, I'd like to discuss in class the meaning of our humanity, to be clear I'm asking us to discuss our changing state of being. Surely you are a different person now than you were several years ago, right? Can our personality and ideals be changed over time through outside forces we can't control? How affected are you by others and how much have changed over time due to the actions of others? Are you satisfied with who you are today? These are all interesting questions that I ask we dig deep to understand. For my link I'd like to post a website that details the ties between neo-Platonic theories and very early theories of Abrahamic monotheistic religions, specifically Islam and Christianity. It's an interesting read... http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/arabic-islamic-mysticism/