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Friday, October 18, 2013

Plunderous Plato, Dangerous Descartes & More

Especially for #17/2, & others interested in philosophical "Superheroes":

Americans do not live in a culture that values philosophy. I could go on about the deep veins of anti-intellectualism that run under the country like fault lines or natural gas deposits, but I won’t. Let’s just say that we favor more obvious displays of prowess: feats of strength, agility, and physical violence, for example, of the superhero variety. With this fact in mind, first-year graduate student Ian Vandewalker decided he “wanted to do something that would bring a discipline that is often seen as difficult, esoteric, and even irrelevant, into new light—especially in the eyes of young people.” Remembering a poster he once saw of “an action figure of Adam Smith with Invisible Hand action,” Vandewalker decided he would combine his own love of toys and philosophy into a philosopher action figure series he called“Philosophical Powers!” Here are just a few of Vandewalker’s creations, designed somewhat like professional wrestlers, with their various leagues and range of epithets...
Continues here...
I enjoyed your reports! All who participated, as mutually attested by your signatures, receive full participation credit for the midterm group report. Well done!

Now, we need to get back on track with our normal format. Recall, authors, that you need to post your summaries ASAP on class day, so your groupmates can post their Qs, comments, & links promptly before next class.

Be sure you've distributed "positions" within your group so that all of our texts are represented by questions, comments, and links.

Exam #2 is coming. (Happy Halloween!) Each group should appoint a Study Guide FQ gatherer. We'll need FQs from all our October assigned readings, and anything relevant  from Group Reports as well.

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