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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Section 17 - Running the Bases

Hello all (Philosoraptors and others alike)!

Just a reminder about commenting on old posts in order to receive credit for "running the bases" during these group presentations. I am making this post also as a forum if you want to comment on the exam extra credit discussion questions, or any of the group presentations.

Good luck with your presentations!


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  1. On my extra credit for the exam, I pre-wrote a small essay explaining why I would want to attend a lecture or initiate a conversation with Aristotle. I have enjoyed everything I have learned about him so far this semester, I respect him for being so well-rounded and open minded in his learnings, teachings, and writings, and his opinions on happiness and how to achieve it are especially admirable and how to achieve his ideas are exactly what I would hope to get out of the experience.

    I'm looking forward to group one's presentation today!