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Thursday, October 17, 2013

NO SOX (17.2) 10/16/13

Hey guys last class we changed up the readings a little bit. If you weren't there you can pick which book to cover next class. After we took care of that business we talked a little bit about Pascal's wager. So we know that it may seem to be better off believing that there is a God over not believing in God because we would be no better off, but would your belief be really true to heart? Would you truly believe or would you do it just to say you do?


  1. I think over a long period of time, you would really start to believe and it would be true to heart. Most people are brought up on a certain religion and start to believe it whether they know the truth or not.

  2. I believe the longer you stay in a situation you become it. Religion to me would be the same thing.

    FQ: What philosopher discussed multiple personally disorder? (Locke)


  3. See, I think that the idea of believing in something simply because "you don't have anything to lose" is a false argument used to trick people into believing in something, in hopes of them actually believing it one day. I would much rather hear some convince me to be a christian with actual logic, not just say "Oh. well you're better off believing than not, because what's the worst that can happen?"