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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The A-team section 16-1

Hey guys, it's been awhile.

We finished projects last week so that was cool. I think we did really well. We'll talk about the readings tomorrow.

So, if Descartes was right about life being a dream, wouldn't you all be figments of my imagination? I hope you would tell me if you were. Let me know what you think.


  1. Anonymous11:01 PM CDT

    Kristin (16/3)
    I've always thought about that. If it's a dream, whose dream? Obviously mine. But everyone else thinks its theirs. Would my dreams think they're dreaming? But then I think, what if we're all just part of one consciousness and that's what's dreaming? I don't know, it's a little bit too crazy so I always just assume nobody is dreaming, since it makes life easier. I also wonder if the whole "what if we're dreaming" argument convinces people who have always been lucid dreamers since they're always conscious of their dreams and don't know what it's like to confuse them with reality.

  2. maiya (16/3)

    what would life be considered then just a dream that we dont remember when we die or in that case would we be waking up?

    dq: what do you know for certain? (or think you know)
    fq: what does cogito ergo sum mean?
    a:i think therefore i am


    3 minute philosophy has become my favourite

    1. Courtney 16-312:34 PM CDT

      I have always heard these quotes, but lately after listening to discussions in class, I wonder how much we really know.

  3. jordan cornelius7:20 AM CDT

    Its an odd concept to think off everything being a dream, but its just as odd to say its not plausible. I mean, what is consciousness? What's the difference between dreaming and consciousness?
    FQ: what statement is Descartes best known for saying? (I think, therefore I am)
    DQ: What does his statement really mean?

  4. It seems like locking ones self into a room and doubting the worlds existence would drive someone crazy. Somehow Descartes not only pulls off his Cogito argument but writes a brilliant piece of literature as well.

    FQ: which founder of modern philosophy also made mathematical contributions like providing the X and Y axis. (Descartes)
    DQ: How did Descartes know that our God was a good god and not a bad god deceiving our senses?

    are we just a brain in a vat... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ursdoT66JlU

  5. I have always wondered if life was just a dream. I mean how can anyone really know if they are really awake or just having a long dream?
    FQ: Which philosopher was also a mathematician, astronomer, and a biologist? (Descartes)
    DQ: If no one knows whether God exists or not, should we act like he does not exist or should we believe in him "just in case?"
    link: http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/Mind/Descartes.html#Descartes

  6. Austin Duke10:00 AM CDT

    (16-3) I've often considered the idea that this is all just a dream. In which case, the rest of you don't exist. I think, therefore I am, but I can't know for certain that you think, so I can't be sure you exist.
    FQ: What was Pascal's Wager? (That it is better to live as if God exists because that highest the greatest possible gain and lowest possible loss.)
    DQ: How do you know I'm real and not a strong hallucination?

    1. Austin Duke10:04 AM CDT

      I meant 16-1

  7. Andrew 16-110:34 AM CDT

    FQ: What is Richard Rorty given credit for reviving within American philosophy? (Pragmatism 126)
    DQ: Do you think pragmatism is still thriving today?

    I enjoyed all of the presentations.
    Interesting site.http://www.philosophynews.com/

  8. Chelsea 16-111:38 AM CDT

    So glad the presentations are over. They were very interesting.

    FQ:What philosopher is know for creating the co-ordinate plane?

    DQ: Do you believe Descartes showed a way out of skepticism ?

    Link: 3 minute philosophy of Descartes

  9. I've enjoyed thinking about Descartes and questioning reality; gotta love uncertainty.

  10. I think Descartes was very skeptical and that he may be right