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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nameless Wanderers, Honors 3 Group 3

Thinks me we ought to have a post on which to make our participation comments. Also, I'm going to post an updated outline of what topics we're covering, that way we can have everything written on here to pull together before next week. The order of topics does not necessarily reflect the topic order as they will be presented.

Opening Scene:
Introduce characters and explain plot.
Scene 2:
Start the story with a flashback of the trio on the train explaining Voldemort. The train stops, and they walk into Hogwarts to the sorting hat.
Scene 3:
The narrators cut in and explain the houses. Someone makes a comment about Slytherin not having a virtue. Hermione explains virtues and ambition. Harry makes a comment about rather living with the Dursleys than being in Slytherin. Don't know where to put that in.***
Scene 4:
Flashback story continues. The trio is at dinner. Dumbledore quiets the room and gives a speech welcoming the trio to Hogwarts.
Scene 5:
Old Ron interrupts the story and comments about Dumbledore’s confusing words.
Scene 6:
A clip with several different Dumbledore quotes.
Scene 7:
Ron says, “See?” Harry defends Dumbledore saying he was an amazing headmaster. Hermione agrees and tells Ron not to interrupt anymore.
Scene 8-like12:
Story continues.
Reenact summaries of the conflicts with Voldemort throughout the books.
Scene whatever:
Ron interrupts again by mumbling a comment about Hermione, still mad she told him to be quiet. She reminds him of all the times she saved their lives, then tells him to be quiet again.
Scene whatever and one:
Contine with conflicts with Voldemort until the last scene
Closing scene:
The trio explains that Voldemort was evil (Boethius and Voldemort chapter), and that people could learn from him.


  1. Jordan Cornelius (16,1)11:20 AM CDT

    This is so I can get full participation credit and my group hasn't posted yet.
    FQ: What does Voldemort want with Harry?
    DQ: Would you consider Harry a Utilitarian?

  2. Are you guys doing a skit for your presentation?