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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The A Team - Section 16

Review Questions for Exam:

1. What was Aristotle's Philosophical School called? (Lyceum)

2. Which philosopher said "Death is not an event in life"? (Epicurus)

3. Did Augustine believe in God? (Yes)

4. What was Cicero's philosophical view? (Stoicism)

5. What philosopher wrote the book Proslogion? (Anselm)

6. What did Machiavelli like to write about the most? (Politics)

7. Who was Machiavelli's hero among the Roman Emperors? (Septimius Severus)

8. Who was one of England's greatest political thinkers? (Thomas Hobbes)

9. What is Niccolo Machiavelli's most famous work? (The Prince)

10. What was Augustine's solution to why moral evil exists? (Free Will)

Midterm Group Outline:

Topic: Batman and Philosophy
Speakers: Jordan, Ben, Maiya and Chelsea
Researchers: Xoe, Andrew, Damon, Bianca, Jake, Austin

- Xoe, Jordan and Andrew
(Describing Batman's internal battle with himself)
- Damon and Maiya
(Should Bruce Wayne have became batman?)

- Ben and Bianca
(Why does Batman never kill the criminals?/Who is Batman?)

- Chelsea, Jake and Austin
(Is Batman really a "hero"?)


  1. Jordan Cornelius10:00 AM CDT

    Ayy I'm the first to post!
    FQ: What play is Machiavelli known for? ( Madragola)
    DQ: Would acting like a lion (like septimus severus) make you more feared and respected?
    Here's a link about "the prince" by Machiavelli http://www.gutenberg.org/files/1232/1232-h/1232-h.htm

    1. Andrew 16-13:17 PM CST

      Do you mean feared "or" respected? In any case I think although being feared has its benefits, being respected or loved has far less repercussions. An outstanding amount of fear will prevent an uprising however you will never truly rule over your territory for your people hate you.

  2. Andrew 16-110:46 AM CDT

    FQ: What does Dworkin spend a good deal of time debating about? (AP:100-103, abortion policies and rights)
    DQ: If all humans are considered equal, why do we follow laws made by our peers?

    Thanks for the fast study guide post!
    http://yunchtime.net/?p=82 - a contribution to our batman studies.

  3. Anonymous11:03 AM CDT

    Kristin (16-3)
    I don't think following laws made by peers is counter to being equal at all. Typically societies sort of decide on and follow rules as a whole, so laws are generally agreed upon by everyone. Presumably if the society is really equal, everyone is following the same laws regardless of who actually "made" them.

  4. (16-2) I think that, as equals, we should follow the laws set by our peers; however, we must remember to be philosophical and actively think about these laws and whether they are worthy to govern our lives. If we don't, we're not exercising our supposed equality.

  5. (16-2) I like the project concept. Can't wait to see the presentation.

  6. Courtney 16-312:06 PM CDT

    I am really excited to hear your presentation over Batman! It will definitely be an interesting class!