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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Highlanders

Today we were allowed to go watch "Is there a God" in the Parliamentary room. The debate was interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. Both John Lennox and Peter Singer made good points.
John Lennox:
-My faith is not blind it is logical and science points to it
-God is a person, not a theory

Peter Singer:
-We don't need God to explain the universe.
-Claims made before the big bang are not scientific

P.S: The study guide is up. We need to work on our outline next class, so we can post it ASAP.


  1. I like how you very clearly put out each persons thoughts it makes it easy to read

  2. I agree with John Lennox's points about God and faith.

  3. Olivia (The Highlanders)10:19 AM CDT

    Factual question: Who threw Machiavelli into prison because they thought he was planning to overthrow them? A: the Medici Family

    Discussion question: How do you feel about Machiavelli's idea that the end result is more important than how you get there? Is this true more often than not?

    Comment: I really enjoyed hearing the "Is there a God?" debate, although I wish we would have gotten to listen more to the debate over suffering!

    Link: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/t/thomas_hobbes.html

    here are some quotes by Thomas Hobbes!

  4. Factual Question: Hobbes was know for what book? Leviathan
    Discussion Question: This is relating back to the "Is there a God" speech. Based purely on how they spoke who do you think was a better speaker in the informative and persuasive sense?

    I really enjoyed the speech. While I had to leave towards the end, for another class, I was really interested in both sides of the debate. I thought that Lennox was definitely the better speaker. After all, he did get several crowd reactions during the middle of his rebuttals and talks. I also felt like he was much better at defending his arguments where as Dr. Singer just seemed a bit weaker. Most of the groups posted about this so I don't really have a big comment to contribute towards the other groups discussions.

    Link: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/n/niccolo_machiavelli.html

    There are some really interesting quotes in here that I also think reveal a lot of his personality.

  5. Anonymous12:42 PM CDT

    Great summary of each speakers point of view in the debate.
    Michael Anderson H3

  6. Factual Question: What book is Hobbes known for? Leviathan

    Discussion Question: How do you feel about the statement, "a means to an end?" Is it ok to use evil/immoral/unfair means to get to a moral/good end?

    I did not get to attend the speech. I am very regretful that I could not attend :(

    Link: since I missed the God Debate, I feel this is relevant. http://people.wku.edu/jan.garrett/philvws.htm