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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nameless 8 study guide (revised)

here is our groups ten best

Q: What was aquinas' ontological argument?

A: "faith seeking understanding,"

Q: What was the name of the woman looking down on Boethius?

 A: Philosophy

Q: Did Augustine have any beliefs in a higher power?

 A: Yes, he believed in God, and was a Christian

Q: What is the name of the biography of Ralph Waldo Emerson written by Robert D. Richardson Jr.?

A: A Mind on Fire.

Q: Who said "Death is not an event in life"?

A: Ludwig Wittgenstein

Q: What is APA?

A:  American Philosophical Association

Q: Aristotle's ethics are based most of all on what concept?

 A: happiness

Q: Who came first second and third? out of Aristotle Plato and Socrates?

 A: Socrates, Plato , then Aristotle

Q: How was Socrates killed?

 A: Drinking hemlock.

Q: Who was the Canadian philosopher that lobbied for philosophers to be able to practice therapy?

A: Lou Marinoff
good luck guys, and may the force be with you.

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  1. I didn't see the other post but here are my comments
    Factual- what time period was Aquinas in? ( medieval)
    Discussion- Is happiness a state of mind?
    Comment- Sorry I could not load the other posts so I will just discuss in class what I want to do for the project.
    Thanks Lee for study guide
    Link- We are doing the wizard of Oz for our project and I was born in kansas regularly from there so I think that is neat