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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No Sox Study Guide (Section 17- Group 2)

No Sox Study Guide (Section 17- Group 2)

1)   Which early Stoic started out as a slave?
A. Epicteutus

2)   According to Cicero, what are the four main problems of growing old and what is his attitude towards death?
A. it gets harder to work, the body becomes weaker, joy in physical pleasure goes, death is close; Cicero believed that the soul lived forever and we should both accept the natural process or growing older and not be pessimistic.

3)   What was the main teaching of Scepticism?
                  A. Don't commit, and you won't be disappointed

4)   When did Aristotle come up with his idea of happiness?
                  A. Between 384-322 B.C.

5)   Where did Epicurus spend most of his life?
                  A. Athens

6)   How did Pyrrho live life?
A. He didn’t trust his senses.

7)   When did Pyrrho actually live?
                  A. 365 BC-270 BC

8)   Why was Epicurus not popular in Athens?
                  A. He became something of a cult leader

9)   What is Pyrrho's approach to life?
A. Pyrrho approach to life is that we cannot trust the senses because they can be misleading.

10)   How did Socrates die?
                  A. He drank poison made from hemlock

11)   Who was Socrate’s star pupil?
                  A. Plato

12)   What is the Platonic Dialogues?
                  A. a series of conversations between Socrates and the people he questioned.

13)   Cicero was a philosopher, lawyer, and _______.
                  A. Politician

14)   What was Aristole’s school name?
                  A. The Lyceum

15)   India inspired which philosopher’s unusual lifestyle?
                  A. Pyrrho

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