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Monday, September 9, 2013

Nameless 8 section 17 (group 1)

Hey nameless 8 if you don't remember what we talked about on Monday this summary should help. First off we ironed out who the authors are and what day they will post. Second we discussed Epicurus and the after life in which we found that four of our group says that there is an after life with one undecided and one that does not believe in an after life. After a tangential discussion about religion and church we touched the topic of Aristotle's view on happiness. Then we dived back in to the religion and church topic.


  1. A question we all came across in the discussion was what happenes when we die? I believe this will be a big part of the end to these stories because death is a big part of philosophy.

    1. As a Christian, I believe that once we die, we are united with God in Heaven. I understand that not everyone shares this belief with me, but even if my belief is wrong, I have a hard time believing that there is no afterlife at all.

  2. I think that my view on the afterlife is a bit different. I believe that once someone dies they are born again and has a whole new life. So I guess I believe more in reincarnation than in the afterlife.

  3. Anonymous3:46 PM CDT

    Kristin (16-3)

    I don't believe in an afterlife myself, and it was funny because I was actually having this discussion with my mom about it this morning (before I'd gone through the readings), and we both came to the decision that if you assume there's no afterlife, then dying and being born feel the same, so really all you can do is try to make your time here as simple and happy as you can. This afternoon I found it amusing to read about Epicurus and see him saying the exact same thing! Although I wouldn't recommend sitting around living on just the basics like he did, I do like some points he makes.

  4. Anonymous5:42 PM CDT

    my question for looking forward had to do with Epicurus's views on the afterlife, which got me to thinking; how can you worry about an afterlife that you know nothing about? Is it even existent? This brought up great discussion among our group. Some believed there were various ways to reach said afterlife, while others don't believe there is such a thing...once you die, that's it! You lay in the ground and rot. We further got into us being made in the image of God, physical vs spiritual characteristics. Here, there was great disagreeance, so we moved forward to talk of evolution. This raised an interesting question, "what ARE we doing here (on earth)? What is the purpose?"
    As i reflected on Aristotle's reading, I ask "what IS the true meaning of happiness? Is it within ourselves or something we must strive to achieve?" Some say it's what you make it, a state of "being" within yourself, while others believe it's achieved through success. This made me reflect back to my sociology class from last semester: Are we "one" self or an entity of "multiple" selves (all being situational) as discussed by Goffman? Interesting conversation for next group I hope.
    If you'd like to learn more about the sociological perspective of how Goffman views a person's 'selves,' you just look up Goffman's Dramaturgical Approach (which comes out of Blumer's Chicago School's view of self).

  5. I was one who believed in an afterlife. I enjoyed discussing our member's religous beliefs and how that ties in. Most of the group also came to the decison that happiness is whatever you make it.
    FQ: What is APA? American Philosophical Association. They hold conventions and philosophers get together and are able to share their work, test their theories, etc. It was also a place for young philosophers to job hunt.
    DQ: Do you think it's important for African Americans to get more involved in philosphy?

    this link discusses African philosphy and mention L. Outlaw

  6. i really like Epicurus's view of not worrying about it as you dont worry about the time before you were born. there are alot of beliefs about the afterlife but who knows which one is right? due to personal beliefs i have alot of trouble believing that there is one heaven, that ONLY christians ,and ONLY the best of christians get to go to and that everyone else goes to hell... So now that ive worried about that for part of my life,scaring the absolute shit out of myself half the time worrying if im believing hard enough and following the rules and then the rules that leaders want you to follow, i kinda just dont worry about the other possibilities, whatever happens happens ,because hell who knows if youll remember is or know when its happening.

  7. Discussing our groups view on an afterlife was interesting to say the least, being a Christian myself made it really hard to hear others say they didn't believe in an life after death. If that were the case then what are we even doing here? What is the point of being put on this earth with no purpose other then to live and die?

    FQ: Aristotle's ethics are based most of all on what concept? A: happiness

    DQ: Is there any way to follow Aquinas' philosophy without being a part of Christianity?

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSfygUNVGXk

  8. Do you guys believe that religion correlates with happiness and "the good life" ?