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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NoPhi (16, 3)

Greetings, group members!

To begin with, we finally came up with a group name, NoPhi.
Only our group members will understand. Hahaha! :-)

Today, we discussed the outline for our group project.
It is as followed:

Topic: Epicurus
  • Biography - Abby & Shelby
  • Philosophy - E.E. & Ricky
  • Influences - Courtney & Anthony
  • Criticism - Kristen & Unique
  • Modern Day Application - Michael, Madison, & Margot
The final outline and presentation will be done by Hailey and I. Each section must have at least 10 minutes worth of material because the presentation has to last from 12:40 to 2:05. If you can't find enough material, find a short 2 or 3 video from YouTube. I will be able to embed videos in the presentation. It is very important that each section decides on who will do research and who will speak on the day that our presentation is due. Hailey and I need to know by Monday because we have to submit a signed print copy of our group's full outline to Mr. Oliver on Tuesday stating exactly what each person will do. It's Wednesday. We need this information no later than Sunday! That's more than enough time to figure out who will talk and who won't. You can post your decisions in a comment on under this post or on our group's Facebook page. Btw, if you haven't joined our Facebook group, do so.


We all agreed that we will NOT meet in the library to practice our presentation. Instead, I will post the link to the presentation on our group's Facebook page, and you can practice on your own time. 


10 Study Guide Q&A's for Exam 1
  1. Pyrrho believed that we cannot trust our senses.
  2. Where was Epicurus born? Samos, an island in the Aegean Sea 
  3. Who was the first African-American to hold a "regular" job in the Ivy League? William Fontaine
  4. Who pioneered philosophical counseling? Gerd Achenback
  5. What does the term ethika mean? The study of character.
  6. What does "eros" mean? Erotic Love
  7. Who was Aristotle's teacher? Plato 
  8. What was Aristotle's primary area of study? Ethics
  9. Which country did Pyrrho visit that inspired his unusual lifestyle? India
  10. What was Epicurus' school of philosophy commonly known as? The Garden

Questions? Concerns? Corrections? Comment below. 

- Tink ;-)


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM CDT


    Awesome work guys. Thanks!
    FQ: What is known as the Method of Cartesian Doubt?
    ( Don't accept anything as true if there is the slightest possibility that it isn't.)

    DQ: Do you always doubt what you see or what you hear? I usually don't. I think the key of life is to trust , to believe , not doubt everything. If you always doubt love you might not get into a perfect relationship or hurt someone that truly loves you.

    Three Minute Philosophy: Rene Descartes

  2. Anonymous5:04 PM CDT

    Abigail Jones

    love our group name!
    FQ:Who had a dream that set him thinking? Descartes
    DQ: have any of you awoken from a dream and really wondered if that dream really meant something?


  3. Michael 16-31:18 AM CDT

    FQ: Not only was Descartes one of the most famous philosophers, but he was also a revolutionary_______. (mathematician)

    DQ: Descartes believed that the body was material but the soul was transcendent. Could there be a soul or is there nothing but this material body on earth?

    Descartes modern influence on films such as the Matrix.

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM CDT

    Kristin (16-3)
    I like our group name!
    I usually don't ever put much thought into my dreams, but there have been times when I found out me and mom had the exact same dream on the exact same night or something like that, and it always makes me start to wonder. I think dreams can be very interesting though.

  5. Michael 16-310:33 AM CDT

    FQ: Which modern philosopher headed the APA in the 1990's and pioneered the way for philosophy in film, theatre and opera? (Stanley Cavell)

    DQ: Durring a class discussion Professor Oliver asked what was more philosophically influential on today's generation, film or music? Or are neither outlets places we go to for our philosophy?

    Exploring the philosophy of zero.