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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Section 16, Group 3

Sorry for the late post.

We didn't have a group discussion today. Instead, we listened to a representative from Peace Corps. She was very nice, and she shared her experience on living overseas for two years.

Although we didn't have a group discussion, Mr. Oliver did elaborate on his blog post,
"Pyrrho and Epicurus at the APA" which can be found on his personal blog, Up@dawn 2.0, in case you were unable to make it to class today.

What are your thoughts on Pyrrho? Epicurus? 

I found these interesting videos on YouTube. Click on the links below. Enjoy! :-)

Xoxo - Tink

P.S. Please post discussion questions about things that you actually want to discuss in class. It's kind of awkward sitting in a group looking at each other with nothing to talk about. Haha...


  1. I enjoyed Epicurus' theory on death; he stated that one should not fear death because it is painless and one simply stops existing. He points out that before we were alive we did not exist and we were not in pain or discomfort then; I really enjoy this claim--I had never thought of it before!

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM CDT

    EE: Did not get a chance to discuss in class. The peace core sounds fun though, however I don't think I am the kind of person could bear extremely cold or hot weather for 2 years.

    FQ: What is the key to life for Epicurus?
    (Seek pleasure)

    DQ: I want to discuss " If a tree falls down in a forest, no witness, no sound, no record, no anything." Did the tree really fall?

    Three Minute Philosophy: Epicurus and Zeno

  3. unique-section16/group312:45 PM CDT

    FQ: What 27 time author and professor at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton wrote "It is peculiarly easy to become an American"?
    DQ: im interested in knowing what everyone feels about the "after life." what do you think it is or how you think you will be living? or if you even believe there is 1.

    The visitor for Peace Corp was really nice. She definately made me think for a second but i quickly realized that that work is not for me.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo0TX84ciE0 this is a 5 minute video of a debate about atheist philosophy vs religion. i think since there has been alot of talk about superstition and religion among other things, this would be good.

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM CDT

    Abigail Jones (16,3)

    Factual Question: Besides a philosopher, what else was Cicero? (lawyer and politician)

    Discussion Question: LH uses the example of a rainy day. So, say it is raining outside. There is nothing much you can do about it except put on a rain jacket or use an umbrella. No matter how bad you wish the rain would go away, you just can't make it do that. So instead of being upset, I believe you should be philosophical about it instead. What do you think?

    You can find my comment on last class' post for group 16,3. You will find my other group comment on 16,1.


  5. Hailey Lawson4:19 PM CDT

    Factual Question: Pyrrho believed that we cannot trust our _____. (Senses)

    Discussion Question: Pyrrho said, "Firm beliefs always involve delusion." Would you say that you agreed with that statement? If yes, then what about in relation to your religious beliefs (or absence of)? ...

    In reply to Abigail Jones' discussion question: What do you mean "you should be philosophical about it"? I get where you're going with that, but need more detail...
    Personally, whenever it starts raining, and I'm outside stuck in it and my hair starts to frizz up and water gets in my shoes, I like to remind myself how good I have it, instead of complaining about how it's inconveniencing me so. At least I have clothes on my body to keep me warm and to some degree dry - some others do not. At least I have hair and shoes to get wet in the first place. And even better, rain means watered crops... so I can continue to eat! There are so many benefits of rain. As sad as it is, I think we are the only creatures who think of rain as an inconvenience... Hmm....

    Link: I know this isn't anything informational, but here's a link on how to pronounce Pyrrho... in case anyone is having trouble.

  6. Ricky: Section 16 Group 3

    In response to Abigail's DQ, my opinion about the situation given in the reading would be "that's life." It also mentions that it's something that we cannot help and that is the way I see it. I'm a simple minded person and I don't really 'overthink' situations but that's just me. For example, if it's super hot outside, let's say around 95'ish degrees and pretty humid. What is your reaction? Probably take the first step outside and realize it's a hot day? Point of what I'm saying is, what's the point in dwelling on things we cannot influence or change? (That could be another discussion question also from the one i posted below)

    FQ: Who was known as one of the later known Stoics and also started off as a slave? (Epictetus)
    DQ: Why do people let emotions get the better of them? And how might emotions benefit us as humans?

    Eckhart Tolle talking about Epictetus and his thoughts

  7. Kristin Barton (16-3)5:46 PM CDT

    As for the question about rainy days, I have to say I agree that it's better to not worry about things. People always fret over all these things that they can't control, but if there's nothing you can do about it... you've just got to try and be happy anyways, right? That's what I think.

    FQ: Which American philosopher dubbed his views "pragmaticism"? (Charles Sanders Pierce)

    DQ: I posted a link below to an article discussing how philosophy should be a part of high school curriculum. It's fairly common in many other countries. What do you all think?

    People talking about their favorite philosophers:

    1. Anonymous5:48 PM CDT

      Sorry, messed up the links...
      DQ link: http://plato-philosophy.org/getting-started/teaching-high-school-philosophy/
      Fav philosophers link: http://www.reddit.com/r/philosophy/comments/176kc4/can_i_have_a_tldr_of_your_favorite_philosopher/

  8. Michael 16-96:07 PM CDT

    FQ: What group of philosophers thought we should only worry about what we can change? (Stoics)

    DQ: James B. Stockdale was able to us this mind over matter thinking to resist pain while being tortured in Vietnam, do you think that simply knowing that you can't change something can stop you from worrying about it?

    A children's video explaining the 4th dimension, it is interesting because it opens the door to our understanding of this universe and how little we can perceive.

  9. I find Pyrrho to be a very interesting character. His radical skepticism is a very interesting way of looking at the world, but I don't see how it could ever lead anyone to live a meaningful life.

  10. I found Pyrrho to be very interesting in his skepticism. I think that when that view is less extreme it could be useful.

  11. 16-2
    Epicurus' reasoning behind life and death was really interesting to read. I never thought of comparing the existence before the birth and the existence after. Also, how can someone feel pain or suffering, whether it is physical or emotional, after death?

  12. Shelby 16-38:02 PM CDT

    I actually found the Peace Corps lady very interesting and informative on an exciting opportunity after college.

    FQ: What other professions did Cicero have besides being a philosopher? -Lawyer and politician.

    DQ: Due to his slaveship, Epictetus believed that the mind can remain free even when the body is enslaved? do you agree with this thinking?

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nbdbqVYFt4

  13. Courtney 16-38:07 PM CDT

    I have always heard about the Peace Corps, but I have never fully understood what they did. I enjoyed the presentation because now I have a better general idea about them.
    FQ: What basic idea did the Early Greek Stoics have? -We should worry about things we can change
    DQ: Personally, I worry about things I cannot change all of the time. Why do you think people have a tendency of doing this, knowing they can't change it.
    Link: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/seneca/

  14. Austin Duke8:31 PM CDT

    (16-1) I think the Peace Corps sounds like a really cool thing. Here is a link to their website: www.peacecorps.gov

  15. Is anyone seriously thinking about joining the peace corps? Even if it is later on in life?

  16. Anonymous12:46 PM CDT

    I think the peace corps was interesting but, i do not want to leave America so I am out.
    FQ: The "whole function of thought" is to what? Is to produce Habits of Action
    DQ: Is this true? Is the only purpose of thought meant to produce habits of Action?
    Anthony Helton 16: 3