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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lennox vs. Singer on the existence of God

For those who didn't make it over to the Student Center's Parliamentary Room this afternoon (note Singer's discussion of Anselm and, implicitly at least, Aquinas on a first cause):


  1. I loved hearing this discussion. And, also, I loved hearing them converse about the topic of a loving God and human suffering.

  2. I can understand agnosticism, but a single human being who has lived not more then a few decades on earth, with a mind that can only perceive in 3 dimensions, who says that he has searched the world over and knows without a shred of doubt that there is not a possibility to entertain the idea of a god of any sort seems kind of arrogant to me. I could never understand atheism.

  3. Well said, Michael. That puts it in perspective quite nicely.

    Now, for my comment on this video, I shall quote the little kid from The Incredibles: THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED! Granted, it might just be that I enjoy debates over anything substantive, so I might be a bit biased as a debater myself. Regardless, I loved watching that exchange, especially the number of turns Mr. Lennox employed. Besides, he had a great accent.