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Monday, September 16, 2013

the gang of 8

Todays summary is going to be short. The main reason we only had fifteen minutes but in that fifteen minutes we decided to do our mid term project on The Wizard of Oz and philosophy. Also who is going to collect our FQs to make a study guide for exam 1.

I'm Lee Gish and that's the way it was.


  1. The Wizard of Oz sounds really cool to do your project on!

  2. unique-section16/group34:58 PM CDT

    not in this group but i had to comment to say that i love this movie!

  3. FQ: Did Augustine have any beliefs in a higher power? A: Yes, he believed in God, and was a Christian.

    DQ: Do people tend to turn away from Christianity because of Augustine and other people in respectable positions having the belief that if you do one thing wrong or make one wrong accusation you will spend eternity in hell?

    Lee, I'm going to make our study guide but I couldn't post it because I'm not an author.

    Link: Ever since last class I've gotten in a habit of relating philosophy to any tv I'm watching. I tell ya its everywhere!

  4. Factual- Was Augustine parents the same religion? (no his mother was christian and his dad followed a local religion)
    Discussion- What do ya'll believe in God or who?
    Comment- I am glad we can all agree on a report topic.
    Link- I used to live in Kansas and get a lot of comments The Wizard Of Oz.

  5. I can imagine having a lot of material to discuss with the Wizard of Oz. If you are running out of material, the author Frank Baum wrote 13 sequels, so you could use all of his novels instead of focusing on just one. Just a thought.

    Damon McCook 16-1

  6. sorry i wasnt able to make group on this day, sounds like there was alot to talk about. i'm very intrigued in our choice for group project and am looking forward to digging into it from various philosophical angles. i guess my question, as far as thinking about Augustine's reading (LH) is "what IS 'free will?' i mean, what do you interpret as the true meaning of free will; do you believe we possess it or is it just a mere illusion?" also, are we personally held responsible for our choices and decisions, or held to a higher standard of "moral" accountibility?