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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"The Nameless Wanderers" (HNRS group 3)

1.     Who wrote The Clouds (423 B.C.)?
2.     Who wrote “Democracy in America”?
-Alexis de Tocqueville
3.     Which philosopher did Fidel Castro quote in his autobiography?
4.     What is the name of the New York Times’ philosophy blog?
-The Stone
5.     What is a book that speaks to the fact that "America is unphilosophical"?

-Anti-Intellectualism in American Life

-The Big Muddy That Flooded America!

-Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free

-Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future

-The Age of American Unreason

6.     When and where did Plato adopt his moniker of Plato?
-While competing in the Isthmian Games
7.     What did Christopher Phillips call his series of local "Symposiums"?
-Socrates Cafes
8.     What was Aristotle's school in Athens called?
-The Lyceum
9.     What is 'truth by authority'?
-Believing that something must be true because an authority figure has said it
10.  Why did Aristotle title his book Nicomachean Ethics?
-His son's name is Nicomachus
11.  Where and when was Aristotle born?
-Macedonia in 384 BC
12.  What was the name of Aristotle's doctrine, which claims that every virtue lies between to extremes?
-The Golden Mean
13.  What theory of Aristotle's did Galileo disprove in the late Middle Ages?
-His theory that a metal object falls faster than a wood object; Galileo found that they fall at the same rate

14.  What is one example of a philosophical trend with links to empirical disciplines like psychology and cognitive science?
-Experimental Philosophy or the X-Phi movement.

15.  What are experimental philosophers called?
16.  How was Socrates executed?
-He was forced to drink hemlock

17.  What does "philosopher" translate into in Greek?
-"Love of wisdom"
18.  On what charge was Socrates convicted and then executed?
-Corrupting the youth of Athens
19.  Who said "Life is short, art is long"?
20.  Who was forced to commit suicide?
-Seneca; Nero forced Seneca to commit suicide because he Seneca was involved in a plot to kill him
21.  What does being philosophical/stoic mean?
-Accepting what you can't change.
22.  How did Epictetus know about pain and hunger?
-He started out as a slave
23.  A Stoic believed the ideal life was to live in a highly populated area. True or false.
-False; A Stoic's ideal life would be to live in isolation, as a recluse

24.  Which of the Roman emperors did Seneca tutor?
25.  What is the APA?
-American Philosophical Association.
26.  Who summarized their philosophy by 3 questions: What are things really like?, What attitude should we adopt to them?, What will happen to someone who does adopt that attitude?

27.  Describe a "dogmatic".
-Someone who is very confident that they know the truth
28.  Who was the first African-American to hold a job in the Ivy League?
-William Fontaine
29.  What was Pyrrho's philosophy?

30.  What was the name of Epicurus's philosophy school?
-the Garden
31.  Where was Augustine born?
-Tagaste, now Algeria
32.  What was Augustine's philosophy?

33. What language did Boethius translate the works of Plato and Aristotle into?

34. Who wrote a medieval bestseller named The Consolation of Philosophy?

35. What was one problem St. Augustine agonized over?
      -Why God allowed evil in the world

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