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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Highlanders grp 1

In our discussion group we touched on the subject of the socratic method and how it isn't implemented enough in our education system, but the point that students don't cooperate with it was also brought up. The conversation then converted into a conversation that fits under what Jennifer said, "The American dream is a philosophical idea".
Finally, Dr. Oliver came and contributed his favorite philospher noting that although he was taught that the personality of a philosopher shouldn't interfere with their philosphy it's hard to choose a favortite philosopher without merging the person and his or her ideas.
"No matter your conclusion in philosophy...you're still a person" -Dr.Oliver


  1. I think it is very interesting how Jennifer said "The American dream is a philosophical idea." I had never thought of that before and can see where she is coming from.

  2. I was about to comment on how Jennifer said "The American dream is a philosophical idea," but it looks like Megan beat me to it So I shall depart saying that I loved Dr. Oliver's maxim and may quote him one day!!!

    Seneca (H) (grp 3)

  3. Chelsea 16-112:15 PM CDT

    Yea I think that when a person puts out their ideas and thoughts into the open then you will put that together with their personality to form your perception of that person.

  4. Olivia (H)5:53 PM CDT

    Factual question: The word 'philosopher' comes from the Greek word meaning what? A: love of wisdom

    Discussion question: At what point do you think makes someone question what people have told them to believe? At what point would a person be willing to abandon beliefs they have grown up with?

    Comment: I, as well, really enjoyed thinking about the "American dream" as a philosophical idea. It has always been presented to me as history and a lifestyle rather than an idea, but it completely makes sense. Also, I thought it was interesting that everyone had a different idea about what it was to choose a favorite philosopher and philosophy and how those two things can be very different.

    Link: Here is a link to a video portraying how people some professors use the Socratic method today for student interaction and problem solving.

  5. Evan Mason6:19 PM CDT

    Evan Mason, Philosophers Guild, (H)
    I absolutely agree with Dr. Phil's quote. No matter how much you may build yourself up in an ivory tower, or how little you may think of your own ideals, one should never get to high or low because you are a person and part of a people, and doing either can only serve to slow the progress of philosophy. As well i think i will be adding that to my quote board.

  6. Factual Question: What was "The Symposium?"

    Discussion Question: How do you view 'love?' What do you define as love? How should it be expressed? Do you even believe in love?

    Comment: I really did enjoy our discussion of Socratic method in schools. Coming from a school where it was regularly employed as a teaching and comprehension method, I've seen a lot of different sides of it. While I do think that there is an innate importance in asking questions and being willing and able to think critically about the things presented to you, I also think that there is a certain responsibility that comes with it. It's not just about asking questions, and I think sometimes people lose sight about that. It's about delving deeper into an idea, forcing people to think critically. Don't simply question; consider. Questions without purpose or direction are merely distractions.

    Link: Here's a link to Plato's Symposium which is discussed in Plato's chapter of Philosophy Bites Back:

  7. Michael Anderson H3
    Dr. Oliver's quote was fantastic. When we identify someone as our favorite philosopher, we general like that person based on other factors besides their contributions to philosophy. It would be difficult to say someone is your favorite philosopher, but hate them as a person.

  8. Jennifer (H)11:44 AM CDT

    Factual Question: How was Socrates killed? A: Drinking hemlock.

    Discussion Question: Do you think love is only between two people? Do you think love always begins with physical attraction?

    Comment: I really enjoyed how we discussed the Socratic method being used in schools, especially because I have not encountered it being used much and I thought those who went to schools that employed it had some very interesting points. I think that the Socratic method only works well when it is being used by people enjoy thinking through things, and aren't too bothered by seeing fallacies in they're own thought process.

    Link: Here's a link to a funny youtube video demonstrating how the Socratic method works, and how frustrating it can be!

    1. Seems to me that love usually starts out as a physical attraction. However,I think a truer love is found when two people make connections on a deeper level.

  9. Gavin Holter12:53 PM CDT

    Factual Question:Who started Socrates Cafes? Christopher Phillips
    Discussion Question: What makes a philosopher a philosopher? Is it anyone with a justifiable opinion, or is it more than that?
    Comment: I found the example that Dr.Phil used very interesting. I can't recall the exact name of the philosopher but he said it was a man who's philosophies seemed very sound. However with further research, it was discovered that this man was a Nazi. That is how Dr. Phil and our group came to the conclusions that you cannot completely separate the philosophy from the philosopher.
    Link: Socrates Cafe site http://www.socratescafemn.org/

  10. Factual Question: Who helped found the American Philosophical Practitioners Association? Lou Marinoff, Ph.D.

    Discussion Question: What do you think is the main reason that contributes to the fact that many view America as America the Unphilosophical?

    Our group discussion started slow but once it started it went pretty well. I feel that many people could benefit greatly from learning via the Socratic Method, but many people would not participate due to shyness or fear of someone not agreeing with them. The idea that the American Dream is a philosophical idea was a new thought to me, and now I can't see how I missed it before.

    Here is a link to a page about the philosophy of the American Dream:

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