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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Section 16, Group 2

Sorry for posting so late, but I thought someone else would post.
Last class we spent talking about the project. We have assigned parts of the presentation.
I will post the study guide shortly.


  1. Sorry, I thought someone else had become author.

    FQ: What was the name of Machiavelli's infamous book? (The Prince)
    DQ: Machiavelli believed that it was better to be feared than loved as a ruler. Do you think he was right?


  2. Austin Duke11:25 AM CDT

    (16-1) It is better to be feared than loved if you are ruling an authoritarian state.

  3. Taylore (16-2)11:37 AM CDT

    Thanks Brandon for posting the study questions for me, I will talk to Dr. Oliver in reference to signing on as an author. I can only imagine your feeling.
    FQ: Hobbes suggests that " Laws are no good if there isn't__________
    (" someone or something strong enough to make everyone follow them")
    DQ: Do you agree that we are "programmed" to be competitive against one another?


  4. FQ: Who wrote the Discourses on the Ten Books of Titus Livy? (Machiavelli)
    DQ: Machiavelli believed fortuna (fortune) could only resisted by human beings where virtu and wisdom had already be prepared. Do you agree?