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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Highlanders (condensed study guide)

What was Anselm's main idea?
God exists simply from the idea that we have a God.

What is one of Augustine's most famous works?
Confessions of St. Augustine

Which Stoic philosopher began life as a slave?

Who believed that fear of death was a state of mind to be overcome?

The word 'philosopher' comes from the Greek word meaning what?
love of wisdom

Who taught Socrates "everything he knows about love?"
The priestess Diotima.

The root ethika is understood to mean?
The study of character

Who is the philosopher that lobbied heavily for philosophers to be able to practice as therapists?
Lou Marinoff

What successful conqueror was thought to have been taught by Aristotle? Alexander the Great

When did Pyrrho live?
365-270 BC

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