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Monday, September 30, 2013


What was Anselm's main idea?
God exists simply from the idea that we have a God.

What is one of Augustine's most famous works?
Confessions of St. Augustine

Which Stoic philosopher began life as a slave?

Who believed that fear of death was a state of mind to be overcome?

The word 'philosopher' comes from the Greek word meaning what?
love of wisdom

Who taught Socrates "everything he knows about love?"
The priestess Diotima.

The root ethika is understood to mean?
The study of character

Who is the philosopher that lobbied heavily for philosophers to be able to practice as therapists?
Lou Marinoff

What successful conqueror was thought to have been taught by Aristotle?
Alexander the Great

When did Pyrrho live?
365-270 BC

 What was Aristotle's school in Athens called?
-The Lyceum

What was Pyrrho's philosophy?

What was Augustine's philosophy?

What was the name of Aristotle's doctrine, which claims that every virtue lies between to extremes?
-The Golden Mean

What are experimental philosophers called?

How was Socrates executed?
-He was forced to drink hemlock

A Stoic believed the ideal life was to live in a highly populated area. True or false?
-False; A Stoic's ideal life would be to live in isolation, as a recluse

 Which of the Roman emperors did Seneca tutor?

Who pushed philosophy to becoming a full fledges discipline? 
William James

Why was Socrates executed?
He was seen as a corrupting influence to the youth.

How many literary works and teachings did Socrates write?
Absolutely nothing, Socrates himself never wrote down anything, most of what we have is from Plato

Why did philosophy become stunted after the death of Aristotle? 
For years afterwards, people thought Aristotle was right about everything so they quit trying to think and disprove his theories even when some were incorrect

Who argued that the fear of death was a waste of time and based on bad logic? 

What was Cicero's philosophy called? 

What are the stoics most famous for according to A Little History of Philosophy? 
mental control

What was the painted porch in Athens where the philosophers used to meet called? 

Who wrote the Leviathan?
 Thomas Hobbs

What was the name of Machiavelli's play? 
Mandragola (Mandrake)


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  2. Also, technically, Augustine's RELIGION was Christianity (and only later in life; he was initially Manichaean). His philosophy, influenced by his religion, dealt more with the aspect of evil in the world, and how to reconcile that WITH religion. Popularly called "the Free Will Defense," he explained how moral evil was a result of our own choices, thereby acquitting God.

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  4. That makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification.