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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

(Section 17, Group 2) NO SOX

Greeting and salutations NO SOX!

In today's discussion, we talked mainly about our group midterm project. We are still in the process of organizing our group due to a few absences but we have a few topics in mind. Our team will split up into three groups which will cover a different philosopher. So far, the philosophers we will be talking about are:


NO SOX members please post which philosopher you want to do the project on and we'll make adjustments as we go next class on Wednesday.

P.S. Jay has volunteered to do the study guide for our group. Give him a high five next time you see him!

This is David Xayabudda


  1. Your group has some great philosophers for the project. I'm interested to learn more on Galleleo because I've heard many things about him but it's all hearsay, I would like to know who he really was vs what someone has told me.

  2. Here's a discussion question: Why are philosophy and mathematics so seemingly interlinked? Pascal, Galileo, Descartes, etc are all just as well known (if not more so) for their contributions to mathematics as they are to philosophy. Those disciplines are decidedly separate today. When did that happen?
    Anthony -17-3

    1. I think they are interlinked because Philosophers, especially ones like Aristotle, are interested in learning as much as they can in every subject they can. Philosophers love to pursue Truth, and by learning all that they can, they can come closer to realizing Truth.

  3. DQ: Do you believe what Augustine did that God wanted evil to happen?

    FQ: Did Augustine think freewill was good?

    I will research Seneca

  4. FQ: What are some name of the books Augustine has written that are mentioned in Little History

    Answer: Confessions, The City of God

    DQ:Why was Augustine only interested in the Christian perspective?

    1. Anonymous10:06 AM CDT

      I would disagree that Augustine wasn't only interested in the Christian perspective, while he only drew solid belief on it he used many different philosophical ideas from the ancient Greeks.

  5. Factual Question: How many years before did Bothius die before Rome fell to the Barbarians? (Twenty Years)

    Disscusion Question: What does the woman in Bothius' cell say about free will?

    Link: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/boethius/

  6. I'm glad one group in our class decided to do a project on a philosopher!

  7. Anonymous12:02 PM CDT

    FQ: who did his most popular philosophizing while in prison waiting to be executed? Boethius.

    DQ: what are your thoughts on free will?

    link: http://chronicle.com/article/Is-Free-Will-an-Illusion-/131159/

  8. FQ: What religion did Augustine practice in his younger years and where did in originally come from?

    Answer: Manichaean,Persia

    DQ: Could Augustine's theory be acceptable today?

    I will be in the Galleleo group

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