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Friday, September 13, 2013

Section 16 Group 2.
Hey y'all,
We did not get to talk about anything in groups, so I am posting to give a place for comments this week. By the way, be thinking of a name for us, given that our section and group numbers are not very interesting.


  1. The Skeptics, The Idealists, Theosophy, Plato's Beard, Logical Irrationality, Irrational Logic.. random ideas for team names but think about them.

    Peace Corps caused no discussion on Wednesday. From my experience thus far in class we've all discussed happiness, luck, karma, and religion primarily.

    My personal philosophy on all of that is you make your self happy, no God controls you and there is no karma that helps the universe dictate when to force good or bad luck upon you.

    DQ) How would you summarize your philosophy from the topics of the class discussions thus far?

    FQ) "The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct." Which philosopher said that? (Cicero)

  2. Forgot my video contribution.

    Would you call these people lucky, or awesome?

    2013 Awesome People

  3. 16-2
    Too bad we didn't get to the discussion part of our class. I feel like Pyrrho was more of an idiot than a philosopher. On the other hand, Epicurus became one of my favorite philosophers.

    FQ: What is the name of Cicero's book? (On Old Age)
    DQ: A lot of the philosophies proposed by Stoics ask us to shelter our emotions to clear our judgement and reasoning. However, emotions are a vital part of being human. What are your thoughts about this?

    Here is a link awesome quotes from Stoics, such as Epictetus.

  4. Taylore (16-2)12:49 AM CDT

    I found it extremely ironic that just days before the speaker my roommate had just submitted her application to join the Peace Corps. After listening to the Peace Corps representative, I felt as though it could be a post-undergrad options for myself. With a degree in nursing,if allotted the opportunity, I could possible help with health care initiatives in other countries.

    FQ: Who believed, " Americans could have an original relations to the universe"? [Ralph Waldo Emerson]
    DQ: Do you agree with Pierce that, " the whole function of thought is to produce habits or action"?

    After reading about Charles Sanders Peirce in [AP] and learning that he was created for the inventing "pragmatism", it was unclear to me as to exactly what "pragmatism" meant. Here is a more simplified meaning of the word.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pragmatism

  5. Anonymous12:30 PM CDT

    Would you like to join the peace corp
    Anthony helton 16:3

  6. The Peace Corp. presentation was something I found interesting. Dwan definitely did a good job of giving us the point of view of a complete culture change.