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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Highlanders Full Study Guide

When people were asked whom their favo(u)rite philosophers were, which major philosophers were named?
Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Mill, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein.

What was Socrates' punishment for "corrupting young minds" in 399 B.C.?
He was made to drink Hemlock

What 4 areas of American culture lead America to seem embarrassing rather than supportive of the U.S. as a dynamic philosophical culture?
literature, entertainment, government, and education

What is the Socratic method?
challenging someones assumptions and then asking difficult questions to tease out how little they know. 

The word 'philosopher' comes from the Greek word meaning what?
love of wisdom

Factual Question: What was "The Symposium?" 

How was Socrates killed?
Drinking hemlock.

Who started Socrates Cafes?
Christopher Phillips

Who helped found the American Philosophical Practitioners Association?
Lou Marinoff, Ph.D.

Nearly all of Aristotle's writing survived in what form?
Lecture notes

To whom did Aristotle dedicate his book, Nicomachean Ethics?

Who taught Socrates "everything he knows about love?"
The priestess Diotima.

The root ethika is understood to mean?
The study of character.

Who is the philosopher that lobbied heavily for philosophers to be able to practice as therapists?
Lou Marinoff

What successful conqueror was thought to have been taught by Aristotle? Alexander the Great
Which Ancient Greek Philosopher was born on the Greek Island of Samos? Epicurus

When did Pyrrho live?
365-270 BC

Who was considered to be the most extreme skeptic of all time?

Who believed that fear of death was a state of mind to be overcome?

Where was Epicurus born? 

Greek island of Samos in Aegean

Which Stoic philosopher began life as a slave?

What views were the Stoics most famous for?
mental control 

Who argued that the fear of death was a waste of time and based on bad logic? Epicurus

What religion did Augustine follow later in life?

Augustine was from the city of?

What is one of Augustine's most famous works?
Confessions of St. Augustine

To which philosopher did the University of Paris give a honorary doctorate to in 1930?
John Dewey

What philosophy did Aquinas try to reconcile with Christian theology?

The book that Thomas Aquinas wrote was called
Summa Theologica.

What was Anselm's main idea?
God exists simply from the idea that we have a God.
What book did Aquinas write solely for the purpose of teaching 'infidels?'
Summa Contra Gentiles.

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