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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Highlanders

Today we discussed our group project. We came up with our title "Philosphy: The good, the bad, and the what the -!"
The philosophers we chose are
Everyone was assigned a philosopher and agreed that their history blurb is due next tuesday.


  1. Factual Question: What religion did Augustine follow later in life? (Answer: Christianity)

    Discussion Question: What is your concept of evil? How do you view it from a religious standpoint (if you have one) or a moral standpoint?

    I'm really looking forward to our presentation, actually. I think that our idea for the absurdity should be really interesting, and I'm really looking forward to playing out the skit between all the different philosophers.

    Link: Here's the Encyclopedia Britannica page for Manichaeism (Augustine's religion in his YOUTH), for those who might want to brush up on it a little:

  2. Also, guys, we need to figure out who's posting up the questions for our group? (or have we already? and I just don't remember)

  3. Factual Question: Augustine was from the city of? Hippo.

    Discussion Question: Even if you don't believe in any form of God it is mind boggling to entertain the thought of if God can know everything are we really predestined? The text talked about God living outside of time, but then why would he create time for Humans? Doesn't this open up a whole lot more paradoxes?

    Our group sketch project should be very interesting. For my link I will be referencing a book that Aristotle wrote called "On man in the Universe." I bought it a while back at a book store and now I am able to much more understand it because my views have been opened more.

  4. Factual Question: What is one of Augustine's most famous works? A: Confessions of St. Augustine

    Discussion Question: Do you believe in a God that predetermines all events, or one that "winds the top and lets it go?"

    Comment: I'm really excited about our group presentation! Hopefully we can learn some even as we push these ideas past the point of absurdity.

    Link: Here's a link to some extra information on Augustine from the University of TN at Martin - http://www.iep.utm.edu/augustin/

  5. Factual Question: To which philosopher did the University of Paris give a honorary doctorate to in 1930? John Dewey
    Discussion Question: Do you agree with Santayana that America "'...seems to neutralize every intellectual element...and to fuse it in the native goodwill, complacency, thoughtlessness, and optimism'"?
    Comment: I really like our idea, however I do worry about its execution. We will need to spend a decent amount of time planning for the skit in order to make sure it goes down well, and doesn't flop or become boring for the viewers.
    Link:Here is a video of Seneca's philosophy of life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBFyazTb_gc

  6. Factual Question: Where was Augustine from? Hippo

    Discusion Question: Is it correct to look at good and evil only through moral lenses? (by this I mean, is good and evil a moral issue, or is it something more/less?...maybe I'm crazy)

    Comments: I believe that our group project will be really fun and interesting. Hopefully the rest of the class will feel the same way about it...I don't really know how to take Phyrro to an extreme...I think he already did a pretty good job at taking it to extremes lol.

    He is a link to some quotes by Augustine: