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Monday, September 30, 2013

17.3 Report Summary Repost

The topic of our group report is philosophy and superheroes, which is the reversed title of the book that we are reading. In the report we are focussing on two parts: part one and three. Each member of the group has picked a chapter and our group has separated into two sub-groups to be more productive. Avery has been assigned chapters 12 and 13, LaShunda to chapter 1, Anthony to chapter 4, Nathan to chapter 14, John to chapter 16, myself to chapter 2, Rachel to chapter 15, and Tyler to chapter 3. We each have read our chapters and posted summaries on them. Now our goal is to each have created a few slides about our chapter to combine on Monday and get the project rolling. I will unfortunately not be able to make it to class on that day (but I promise I'm not a slacker). Though we will all be doing our parts, Anthony, Tyler, John, and Nathan will be the ones doing the actual speaking. Anthony will post the link below if any of you would like to read the chapters yourselves or see what each of our topics are about!


  1. The link was never posted..

  2. Also we didn't have any suggested reading or other media for people who want to "study" up on our topic.

    -- http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/what_makes_a_hero/ is a good article on what makes a hero.

    -- http://cbldf.org/the-comics-code/ a site on the Comics Code implemented in the 50's that said that in all comics good will triumph over evil.

    --Any Stan Lee interview on the ideas behind his heroes.

    1. Yes we did, it was on the old post

  3. Should I write out notecards for my chapter? Would that make it easier or is everyone just going to read from the slides?