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Friday, September 27, 2013

Philosopher's Guild- 10 Questions

1. Who pushed philosophy to becoming a full fledges discipline? 
William James
2. Why was Socrates executed?
He was seen as a corrupting influence to the youth.
3. How many literary works and teachings did Socrates write?
Absolutely nothing, Socrates himself never wrote down anything, most of what we have is from Plato
4. Why did philosophy become stunted after the death of Aristotle? 
For years afterwards, people thought Aristotle was right about everything so they quit trying to think and disprove his theories even when some were incorrect
5. Who argued that the fear of death was a waste of time and based on bad logic? 
6. What was Cicero's philosophy called? 
7. What are the stoics most famous for according to A Little History of Philosophy? 
mental control
8. What was the painted porch in Athens where the philosophers used to meet called? 
9. Who wrote the Leviathan?
 Thomas Hobbs
10. What was the name of Machiavelli's play? 
Mandragola (Mandrake)

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