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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

(honors) Nameless Wanderers--Condensed Study Guide 1

  What was Aristotle's school in Athens called?
-The Lyceum

What does "philosopher" translate into in Greek?
-"Love of wisdom"

On what charge was Socrates convicted and then executed?
-Corrupting the youth of Athens

What was Pyrrho's philosophy?

What was Augustine's philosophy?

What was the name of Aristotle's doctrine, which claims that every virtue lies between to extremes?
-The Golden Mean

  What are experimental philosophers called?

How was Socrates executed?
-He was forced to drink hemlock

A Stoic believed the ideal life was to live in a highly populated area. True or false?
-False; A Stoic's ideal life would be to live in isolation, as a recluse

 Which of the Roman emperors did Seneca tutor?

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