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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Section 9 Group 1

1) T or F Hobbes believed that all aspects of human existence were physical activities.
2) Tor F Hobbes believed in democracy

1) Do you believe that people are selfish, untrustworthy ?
2)  Hobbes believed that life outside society would be solitary poor, nasty, brutish and short. Do you agree/disagree?


  1. I'm assuming there wasn't an author post?

    1. T or F Hobbes would agree that only the rule of law and the threat of punishment keep us in check.
    2. The statement: Our senses give us a realistic appreciation of what is actually out there, refers to what specific kind of realism?

    1. Do you believe that our senses best guide our judgement, or do we often make the mistake of not taking into account the reliability of our senses?
    2. Do you think Hobbes is the most progressive/practical/realistic Philosopher we've discussed thus far?

  2. FQ:
    1. What was one way that Hobbes was like Machiavelli?
    2. What does Hobbes think is the only thing that keeps us in check?

    1.Do you think we all subconsciously distrust people as Hobbes suggests?