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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Section 13 Group 3 Class Summary 9/2

We started midterm presentations today right after we rushed through a quick quiz.  We were not able to do DQs today in order to save time however we were encouraged to post any DQs we really like on here and have a discussion via web.  All of group 2 we scheduled to present today.  The first group, whose names I can not remember, had a thrilling class discussion over their This I Believe essays.  The topic was religion and they were able to give us four different points of view which included: an atheists, a religious, a scientific , and an agnostic points of view.  However our class discussion ran a bit longer then expected and the second group of group 2 was not able to finish their presentation before the end of class.  Their presentation though is over the philosophical meanings of different songs. 

Also I'm not sure if we assigned a different author at the end of class but I haven't seen their post up yet so I took it upon myself to be the author. Btw this is also Shania and like I said with the study guide questions, I'm using Melissa's account because I cant publish from my account.    


  1. Descartes LH
    1. What was the method called that Descartes used to know anything for certain?
    2. T/F Descartes believed we could trust our senses when deterring what is certain
    1. Are hallucinations still a form of someones reality or false like a dream?
    Appearance and Reality part 2
    1. Who used the notion of primary and secondary qualities?
    2. T/F Color, smell and taste are secondary qualities.
    1. Would you like to believe that you are the only person alive and are controlling everything with your mind or is that scary thought?

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aq2ogoUc1Y


  2. FQs
    1. Who is the most famous idealist?
    2. T/F causal realists believe the world ceases to exist if it is not being experienced.
    1. Does philosophical wisdom come from experience like Montaigne believes? Or does it come form book studies? Or both?
    2. could you completely stop your life just to reflect similar to how Montaigne did?

  3. I am in Section 13 Group 2, and there is no summary of last Wednesday up for our group so I am posting my FQ, DQ, and link on this one.

    FQ: Who used the notion of primary and secondary qualities?

    DQ: To believe in God you must believe in the Devil. If one exists so does the other. So if the evil demon is deceiving us about the existence of God, does that not prove God exists?

    Link on a cartoon summary of Descartes:

  4. Descartes


    T/F: descartes believed that the senses are a possible source of certainty

    T/F: Descartes was just as skeptical as pyrrho

    what does "cogito ergo sum" mean?

    DQ: are you comfortable with accepting Descartes's notion that you may currently be dreaming and cannot be certain that you are truly awake?

  5. Peyton Sorgenfrei4:17 AM CDT

    I'm not sure where to post DQ/FQ for Wed 10/15, so here it goes:
    -What did Montaigne inherit upon his father's death?
    -__________ arguments are truth-preserving.

    -Is life about learning to live or learning to die?
    -How can one justify relying on religious faith and/or and afterlife?

  6. DQs and FQs for Wed 10/15


    1)What kind of career did Michel de Montaigne have?
    2)Name a philosopher who was influenced by Montaigne's beliefs and philosophies.

    1)Do you believe that our personal experiences in life can teach us to live?
    2)Do you think the "outside" perspective of dying looks a lot worse than what it may be? Does nature prepare you for the death experience on the inside making it a pleasant experience?