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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Section 14 Group 1 (ish...)

We first took our test and discussed the theories of Voltaire, Leibniz, and Pope, and then went on a peripatetic walk while discussing the Voltaire's beliefs of the world's condition.


  1. FQ: Did Hume believe in miracles?
    DQ: Do you follow the Design Argument, or do you subscribe to something more like Hume's logic?

  2. Section 14-3
    FQ: Rousseau was a citizen of where?
    DQ: Do you think that the developement of arts and sciences has restored mankind?


  3. FQ: According to Rousseau, humans are better in cities than in a state of nature.
    DQ: Do you believe in miracles?
    If you are religious now, would you have believed that Jesus had walked on water if you were born around that era? Why or why not?