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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Class 14 Group 1 Post

I noticed that we didn't have an author post...so here is ours from Thursday!

After taking our quiz and briefly discussing Descartes and his philosophy of God and skepticism, we heard a very interesting report from our the girls in our very own group about Love, and what they believe about it. We discussed how romantic love is strong, how familial love is strong, and how love is a battleground.

We ended class early due to a different group in the class not being present for their presentation.


  1. FQ: What is the dualist belief about the existence of the mind and body?
    DQ: How do you think God would respond to those that "believed" in Him using Pascal's "Gambling" Theory?

  2. For 10/23

    FQ: T/F: Spinoza believes that as we extend out knowledge of thr causes of our passions, we are able to think more critically about them, which in turn leaves us better placed to avoid mistakes.

    DQ: Can art be defined? If so, what is your definition?

  3. 10/23

    FQ: What is anthropomorphism?

    DQ: Do we have free will? If so, how much?