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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Midterm Group Presentation - Section 10, Megan, Joshua, and Jenna

Our presentation was over what beauty is. We each took a different point of view to try to define what beauty is.
Jenna presented some the scientific aspect. She looked into a research project that showed how the brain reacted to beautiful things.
I looked into Plato and Socrates' view of how beauty is defined and where we get the idea of beauty.
And Joshua looked into the theological aspects of what beauty is.
Here is the link to our powerpoint if anyone is interested in checking it out! It's a pretty interesting topic.



  1. Hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna post my FQs and such here!
    What group argues that the simple view of science is misguided?

    Do you believe that science begins with a theory or making observations? Or could is be a little of both? Why?


  2. Also, excellent job on your report! My group appreciates the recognition for the quiz idea! It's so neat that there's specific reactions to beauty that can be attributed to different parts of the brain!

  3. Something that I've been thinking about is whether or not we have much of a choice to decide what is beautiful. We are kind of grown up in our culture and told what is beautiful, right? And of course, some people don't fit that mold, but are their ideas of beauty original or did they get those ideas from somewhere else?

    As a songwriter, I constantly struggle with originality and then simultaneously writing things that others will enjoy. Like Josh explained in our presentation, some people believe that something is only beautiful if it fulfills a specific purpose. If my songs sound beautiful but don't move inside others in the way I intend them to, are they still successful?