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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Section 13 group 3

Today in class we discussed our readings on Voltaire and Leibniz. We also took a quiz over the material. Nikki has volunteered to choose our 10 quiz questions for the exam on Monday November 10th. Over half of our group decided to be peripatetics today. However, I decided to stay inside. We discussed whether or not we believe that everything happens for a reason. We were somewhat split on our beliefs. Alex did have a point that was compelling. He said he believes that everything does happen for a reason but not because bad things must happen before good. He believes events cause other events to happen. We also discussed how we 'cultivate our gardens'.


  1. FQ: What did Hume believe about the design argument?

  2. DQ: do you think just because something looks designed that it is safe to assume that it IS designed?

    FQ: Hume was a philosopher from _____

    FQ: Rosseau was a philosopher from _____

    DQ: Rosseau suggests that human beings are naturally good? do you agree with this? why or why not?