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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Group 3 Section 10 Report

Group Duties/Responsibilities
Billy & Teddy:  Creative direction & final slide plotting all the styles in a scatterplot.
Amanda & Hunter:  Panel Moderator.  Amanda is the primary with Hunter as a backup.  Amanda, jput together some crib notes for an intro about what we want to accomplish in our presentation, Amanda bounced what she had off of Hunter in case of an emergency.
Slide Editors:  Joel & Summer.  Joel together all the slides into a master deck that we were able to use during the presentation.  He shared the order of who is going with Amanda & Hunter so they can keep the moderator notes updated.
Documentation:  Christa & Matt.  Keep track of individuals contributions to the overall project and before our presentation we created a post on the class website with a recap of it.  

Billy is covering George Carlin with topics with him as  the cynical, skeptical, and misanthropic.
Summer is covering Louis C.K. and is discussing existentialism and nihilism.
Teddy is discussing Ron White with topics in history, skepticism, stoicism, and existentialism.
Matt will be talking about Marc Maron involving stoicism and pessimism.

Christa will be covering Seth MacFarlane touching on skepticism, atheism, and more of his philosophy.
Hunter is covering Charlie Sheen involving all of his philosophies.

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