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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Backup Quiz Oct. 22/23

1. Spinoza's view, that God and nature (or the universe) are the same thing, is called _______. LH 76

2. Spinoza was a determinist, holding that _____ is an illusion. LH 79

3. Susan James says Spinoza's "main claim" is that we're always striving to make ourselves more ____. PB 73

4. Anglo-Austrian philosopher ________'s "family resemblance" view implies that there's no single quality held in common by all art. P 159

5. The view that something is art just because it's exhibited in an art gallery fails to distinguish good art from bad, according to one criticism of which theory? P 164

6. The trouble with art forgeries is their attempt to ______. P 174

BONUS: What was Spinoza's definition of love? OR, What is love's proper object? PB 79

BONUS+: Who created "The Fountain"?

BONUS++: Who said the sources of art in everyday life can be discerned in "the tense grace of the ballplayer"?

1. Are you a pantheist? Why or why not? Do you see any important differences between pantheists and atheists? If God includes everything, does that mean nothing is truly bad or ungodly? What's the status of evil and suffering, in a pantheistic world?

2. Would it make any difference in how you live, day to day, if you changed your mind about free will? Would you behave differently? Why or why not?

3. Are you happy? Would it make you happier to embrace a different view of how you are related to the rest of the universe, or a different definition of God? If so, what's stopping you?

4. What's your definition of art? Do you know it when you see it? Are there rules or "community standards" (etc.) that distinguish real art from pornography  (Mapplethorpe etc.) or propaganda ("socrealism")?

5. Are there any "arbiters of taste" whose opinions you value? Do you read or listen to reviews of books or movies before deciding to read/see them? What qualifies anyone to legislate taste or aesthetic standards?

6. What makes "The Fountain" art (or non-art)? What makes anything art? Have you ever created a work of art? How much does institutional or public recognition matter, in the determination that something is artistic?

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