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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kant Touch This

Today we gave our questions to the board and took our quiz. Then one group presented. We then had a brief and unorganized duscissin really about an array of things. I hope next class will be more structured and organized.


  1. Factual questions:
    1) True or false: Locke believed that a human person remains the same 'man' over the course of their life?
    2) Who came up with the examples of the old soldier who used to be a young boy who stole apples in order to disprove Locke's way of thinking?
    3) True or False: Berkeley believed we perceive the world indirectly, where Locke thought we perceived it directly

    Discussion Questions:
    1) What do you believe makes the person? Is it the physical body? Is is the consciousness or the memories? Or is it something else entirely?
    2) If everything we perceive is merely an idea, does that mean we ourselves are only ideas? How can this be, when ideas can only be perceived by a mind (according to Berkeley)?

    John Locke on the tabula rasa (or blank slate)

    Tabula Rasa and Human Nature

  2. Brittney Tate
    FQ's & DQ's 10/28

    1. Who thought that questions of personal identity were closely connected with moral responsibility?
    - Locke
    2. (T/F) George Berkely was a German philosopher.
    - False; Irish
    3. Berkely is sometimes described as an __________ and sometimes as an _________.
    - Idealist; Immaterialist

    1. Are you an idealist or a realist or neither? Why?



  3. Caitlin Bates
    1) John Locke, whose writings had a significant impact on ___.
    -Western philosophy
    2) ___ founder of the Scottish School of Common Sense…
    -Thomas Reid
    Do the mind and the body really coheres each other? For example, if your sick, is it because you believe you cannot get better?


  4. FQ: John Locke was known as the "Father of ___________"
    Classical Liberalism

    DQ: Do you believe that perception of life is altered from physical reality?

    Link: http://www.biography.com/people/john-locke-9384544

  5. FQ: Why did Locke flee to the Netherlands?
    A: he was accused of plotting to murder King Charles II.

    What is an idealist and immaterialist?
    A: believes that all that exist are ideas, denies that material things/physical objects exist.

    DQ: Can you remember being a baby?

    Are you an empiricist? Someone who believes that experience is the source of all our knowledge.

  6. http://www.philosophypages.com/hy/4n.htm

  7. Anonymous12:42 PM CDT

    The show Lost had a man named Jon Locke for several seasons named after John Locke the Father of Classical Liberalism. (t/f)

    Do you think there could be multiple realities/dimensions?