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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Exam 1 Questions from Group 3; Sec. 10

Q:  What famous article did Isaiah Berlin write?
A:  Two Concepts of Liberty

Q:  A __________ argument is one that doesn't rely on any observation of the world to reach a conclusion.
A:  rationalist

Q:  Who was the person in Boethius' cell?
A:  Lady Philosophy

Q:  Who is the first "Major" stoic?
A:  Zeno

Q:  What does the Greek word 'telos' mean?
A:  Purpose

Q:  List one crime Socrates was convicted of.
A:  Impiety/atheism or corrupting the youth of Athens

Q:  What was the Lyceum?
A:  Aristotles School of Philosophy

Finish this quote:  From Donald Peattie's Joy of Walking:
"Time is not money; time is an opportunity to ____ before you ___."
A: Live & Die

Q:  What was the name of Boethius's most popular book?
A:  The Consolation of Philosophy

Q:  At what stage of life was Augustine when he converted to Christianity?
a)  Childhood
b)  Middle Age (correct answer)
c)  Near death

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