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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Section 13: Phil project- Spongebob

We chose to philosophically analyze Sponge Bob Characters for our project. We analyzed the character's personalities and compared them to different philosophers/philosophies. I analyzed Plankton's characteristics.

Here is a link to our prezi:


  1. I compiled everyone's ideas into the prezi and also compared plankton to Niccolo Machiavelli. Also tried to communicate as best as I could with the entire group keeping them updated on the presentation.

  2. I helped divide the group into subgroups. I took a stab at Mr. Krabs' philosophy and compared him to Buddhism.

    My partner, Ryane, compared Mr. Krabs to Cynicism.

  3. Who invented a mechanical calculating machine in 1642?

    How do you feel about Pascal's Wager? What do you think of the statement that Pascal made, "If you win you win everything; if you lose you lose nothing." Do you agree with this statement?


  4. I did the SpongeBob sections of the presentation and updated my area of the prezi since my information sent to David ended up in his spam folder.

    Here is the link for the updated prezi.


  5. David Whomble11:44 AM CDT

    I did the philosophical connections to the character squidward, I also described his personality and the way he acts to life and to his friends spongebob and Patrick