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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Section 10-2 Karl Marx (Abbie, Hayley, Val, and Aubrey)

Our project that we are presenting today is over Karl Marx.
Marx was a well know political figure whose views were highly swayed towards socialism and communism. He became a large political figure with many followers.
 We all played a vital role in this project. I, Abbie, researched and will speak on his influence that he left behind and how he is seen in the world today. Hayley researched his life. She will speak on his common biography (where he was born, his story, ect). Aubrey was responsible for researching his philosophies and his political stances. Val found some interesting facts about him, as well as, made a super sweet poster. That's basically it in a nut shell.

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  1. Kristopher Rollins5:09 PM CDT

    Due to the unfortunate circumstance of not having an author in our group, I am posting our group project info here.

    Section 10, Group 2, Subgroup (Kristopher, Max, and Jamelia)
    Our group presentation will be about Machiavelli. In a unified movement of extreme balance, all three of us did equal parts of research. Together, we formed a presentation of a more perfect state. While each of us provided roughly 33.33% of research effort, it would be impossible to break the presentation down perfectly. Kristopher will give factual information regarding the life, death, and written work of Machiavelli. Max will then explain two well known quotes from The Prince about punishment and warfare. Lastly, Jamelia will examine two more well known quotes from The Prince about generosity and love vs fear. To seal the presentation we have a short video about the possible common misconception of Machiavelli.