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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Section 9: Group 3

Today, we discussed the theory of memory. We all expressed our persona l opinion on how we view memory.

Charles Hull


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  2. Comments from todays class: After the memory portion of our group discussion we transitioned to the topic of separation of church and state. Most of us agreed that there should be a separation between church and state, but what was interesting was the reason we all had behind why we should have a separation. My personal opinion strictly relied on the thought of role reversal; I wouldn't like it if I had to abide by the religious laws of some other religion that I didn't necessarily agree on. It generally causes problems - as one group member brought up: the LGBT community.

    1. (T/F) Voltaire agreed with the German philosopher, Leibniz.
    2. Instead of focusing on abstract philosophical questions, what did Voltaire believe humans should do?

    1. What is your view on why there is so much evil in this world?

    More on Voltaire's life which can be considered as interesting since he was one of the few born rich philosophers:

  3. FQ:
    What was the name of the character in Candide that is based on Leibiniz?
    What was Voltaire's famous quote on protecting freedom of speech?

    Do You agree with Volltaire or Leibiniz?
    Does everything happen for a reason?