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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Section 13 Group 2

Today, in group two, we split into two smaller groups and discussed Scientology and other beliefs (stemming from the DQ: do you believe in pantheism), and family relationships (stemming from the siblings discussion on Monday). The quizzes from Monday (due to the lack of an author post), and from today are below.

Our Quiz on Monday consisted of the following questions:
1. Someone who denies the existence of the mind is called...?
Behaviorist (Physicalist works too)
2. What did Pascal call the gamble on believing in God?
Pascal's Wager
3. What does Pensées mean?
4. T/F Pascal was an optimist.
5. T/F Philosophy of the mind is the same thing as Psychology.
False (They are similar, but should be distinguished)
6. Pascal thought we were between ______ and _______?
Beasts and Angels

Our Quiz for Wednesday consisted of the following questions:
1. Projecting human qualities such as compassion on to a non-human being, God, is a form of what?
2. T/F According to the idealist theory of art, genuine art has no purpose.
3. What is Spinoza's book called?
4. T/F Spinoza died of a lung illness caused by breathing in glass dust.
5. Where was Spinoza born?
6. QED means what?
Quod Erat Demonstrandum (aka- "Which was to be proved")


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  2. FQ:

    1. Berkley is sometimes described as an ________ and sometimes as an ____________ .


    1. Do you believe this statement to be true, you are the same individual, but unless you can remember being a baby, you can't be the same person.



  3. FQ: T/F Berkley was so devoted in his immaterialism ideas that he had no social life?

    DQ: According to Berkley, a majority of the world would cease to exist without God. How, then, did the first being(s) perceive the world into existence, and how do we continue to perceive things back into existence in the exact same place (if our perceptions are so deceptive) without Him?

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU6VIo2ZPSk (Funny Take On Berkley's Immaterialism)

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM CDT

    Savanna Hill

    FQ: What is the term used to describe someone who believes that experience is the source of all our knowledge?

    DQ: Do you believe that color is the work of the mind or is already there?

    Link: This guy seems to think its in our mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evQsOFQju08

  5. T/F Berkeley believed that if an object is being observed it ceases to exist.

    Do you believe that life is just a collection of ideas? Does this go against common sense?


  6. FQ: Who was interested inJohn Locke's ideas?
    DQ: do you agree with Locke that you can be the same man without being the same person?
    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_-2l3AtUn0

  7. FQ: According to Locke, what are primary qualities?

    DQ: According to Locke, to take away God is to take away the freedom of thought "dissolveth all". Who is else thinks this is the biggest pile of bullshit?

    Link on Locke:

  8. FQ: According to Locke, what makes us the same person over time? (LH pg 83)

    DQ: Do you think tangible objects could really be a figment of our imagination (like in Inception)?

    Bad singing. Bad lip syncing. What Does John Locke Say?

  9. FQ: T/F Some Philosophers believe that Locke went too far with his emphasis on self-conscious memory as the basis of personal identity.

    DQ: Do you believe that things seas to exist when they stop being observed? Why or why not?


  10. FQ: What was the title of Voltaire's best-selling novel?

    DQ: Do we believe that God is all good all the time?

    Link on Voltaire: