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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Section 9 Group 1 "42"

Today we were visited by a representative of the Peace Corps.  We learned about the various possibilities that come up with the opportunity to be part of such an organization that wants to make a difference and help different cultures around the world.  After talking about Spinoza, we finished up our midterm projects with soulmates and who all that encompasses.  I agree on the stance that they come in different forms and that it doesn't have to just be romantically.


  1. FQ:
    1. Which one of John Locke's beliefs appear in the United States Constitution?
    2. According to Locke, your personal identity only extends as far back as your what?

    1. Do you agree more with Locke in the sense that you can be the same individual but not the same person? Or do you agree more with Reid that you are the same person throughout your entire life?
    2. How would you describe your personal identity?

  2. FQ's
    1. __________ continuity isn't as accurate as __________ continuity.

    2. T/F: Locke would agree that our ideas of primary qualities such as size and shape are good pictures of reality?

    1. Do you think that people often commit themselves to ideas that are inherently illogical?

    2. Do you agree that failure to believe in god is a serious danger? Are non believers more volatile people?

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM CDT

    Yoan Konkobo


    1. "The actions of men [are] the best interpreters of their thought," is said by which philosopher?

    2. T/F John Locke was an alcoholic?

    1.You and John Locke go out to the local pub and he orders water, following his famous statement "the actions of men [are] the best interpreters of their thought," what do you think his reason could be for not ordering alcohol?