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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Philosophers (Section 10, group 1)

Sorry for the delay, guys! In the last class we discussed our past reading to come up with FQs and DQs and then we listened to a presentation on Karl Marx. Easy as pie. Any thoughts on the upcoming reading assignment or things of the past?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend,


  1. FQ- Why did Pascal not want to be remembered as a philosopher? (LH)
    DQ- Pascal says that by believing in God, even in the event that he doesn't exist, that "if you win you win everything; if you lose you lose nothing.". Do you believe that that is how you should base your faith, just as a safety net?

    Link: These are some quotes from Pascal's famous book, Pensees. Just by reading this, you get more of a insight on Pascal's view on things.

  2. FQ: what is the main difference between psychology and philosophy of mind?
    DQ: is there a real division between the mind and body?
    Link: dance is a good way the examine the mind/body problem. There are videos on YouTube.