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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Section 10 group 2 Kant touch disssss

Today we discussed higher levels of consciousness and if/how humans can access them. Do people perceive things differently? What do we perceive differently? Is it actually happening or is it just our brain messing with us?


  1. Factual questions:
    1) Who was the English poet who declared "Whatever is, is right"?
    2. What was the name of Voltaire's most famous work?

    Discussion Questions:
    1) Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Can you believe that, given what you know of the world?
    2) Is there justice in the world? Is this justice delivered solely bu the law, or do you think there are other outside forces at work?

    A clip from the Princess Diaries. Because why not, it mentions Voltaire.

  2. Instead of focusing on abstract philosophical questions, what did Voltaire believe humans should do?

    what causes evil in the world, or what is the root of evil?


  3. Factual Questions:
    1) What was Hume's view on God?
    2) In terms of philosophical views, what did Voltaire believe in?
    Do you think your votes really count or is America based on corruption? (I have been watching too much Scandal)

  4. FQ:
    What is the argument for the existence of God known as?
    A: the Design Argument
    For something to be a miracle, Hume thought what?
    A: it has to defy a law of nature

    DQ: have you ever experienced a miracle?

  5. FQ's & DQ's
    Brittney Tate 11/3/14

    1. (T/F) Hume was influenced by Locke.
    - True
    2. The argument for the existence of God is often known as the _______ _______.
    - Design Argument
    3. The _______ ________ is whatever is best for the whole community, the whole state.
    - General Will

    1. Do you believe that there is any truth to the Design Argument?

    Link: http://www.iep.utm.edu/hume/