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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Section 10; Group 3 for 7 October

No philosophical discussion time today.  Our first group went up and presented on Robin Williams and the other group got 3/8's of the way through the dais before we ran out of time. 

We can be honest, there were some rough spots today.  But you live, you learn, and these projects are meant to do that as much as anything else, I think.  Good or bad, don't dwell on things too long.  Have a drink (if legally allowed to do so), take a shower and move onto the next challenge...'cause that's how it is in the NBA.

 FQ's, DQ's, Links, discussions in teh comments please.


  1. Live and learn, exactly. But a general word of reporting advice: don't ever stand up say "I couldn't find anything on my subject." If so, you need to have selected a different one. Or if you're committed to your subject, you need to offer your original POV: "here's what I think about my subject, and here's why." Become a research source yourself. As Emerson said, we sit as boys in libraries researching great men, forgetting that great men were once just boys sitting in libraries themselves.

    One other observation: it doesn't follow from someone's being a famous celebrity (famous for being famous, basically) that their ideas - or lack thereof - are worth pondering.

    But as Billy says, don't dwell in darkness. Sky's still up there. Move forward.

  2. Dq: If you found out that you were living in a fake reality, how would you react?
    Fq: what was Descartes method?


  3. Anonymous12:28 PM CDT

    Additional commentary above.

    FQ: Did Descartes believe God existed?

    DQ: Have you ever had a dream that felt real enough to where you might think that is your life on another plane of existence/parallel universe?

    Link: For some background on what another plane of existence/parallel universe could be, the classic Star Trek episode: Mirror, Mirror


  4. Just wanted to say you guys did a great job, especially on Carlin, Louis and Maron. I think it is really interesting how common it is to find so many comedians with a cynical or self deprecating tinge to their outlook on life. I guess it is because often times people with depression use comedy as a means to reconcile those thoughts and maybe make lighter their implications. Robin Williams would seem to follow that model as well.

  5. Anonymous3:43 PM CDT

    Dustin Chitwood
    (T/F) Aristotle is responsible for the scientific method that we know today?
    Do you believe that scientists truly take philosophy into accountant when working on scientific things?
    Here is a page all about Sarah Bakewell and her philosophy.