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Monday, October 6, 2014

Sec 10; Group 3- Post your FQ, DQ, Links & Discussion Here

No philosophical discussion in the last class, just the daily quiz and one group presentation. 

We still needed a posting for all the FQ, DQ, Links & Discussion stuff.  Forgot to get it done earlier since nobody was assigned and all the weekends focus was on the group project, and other things, so here it is.


  1. FQ: According to Kant, your moral duty is your moral duty whatever the _______ and whatever the _______.

    FQ: Morality for Kant wasn't just about _________, but _________.

    DQ: Kant believes emotions shouldn't come into morality. Do you agree or disagree?


  2. Anonymous11:40 AM CDT

    Dustin Chitwood
    Does Descartes believe that we can truly trust our senses?
    Do you agree that representative realism makes the real world unknowable? Why or why not?
    Here are some of descartes more famous quotes.

  3. Aubrey Kremer
    Fq:Who said " a moral action is defined as one that is determined by reason, not by our sensual impulse"?
    Dq: Do you believe there is a inherent good and bad or was that created by culture and religion?

  4. Anonymous11:58 AM CDT

    Thursday was entertaining. The Disney Group (that's what I'm calling them) put on a good show for us, and the candy wasn't bad as well. I do wonder if they could have had a more overarching philosophical theme. Comparing the prevailing attitudes of the time those stories were first written versus when they were made into Disney movies, and how in each case, it was to help reinforce a belief system comes to mind. The time limits probably came into play on that one.

    Nonetheless, onto toady...
    FQ: T/F- Descartes only brought up old questions, that could now be easily answered in a new age?

    DQ: Philosophy In and Through Comedy; great group presentation, or the greatest group presentation?

    Link: Merging our talk of dreams with our other Group 3 project (rumor has it they might even be ready to present today), I present the trailer for an underrated movie by the late great Robin Williams, What Dreams May Come. It's worth the time to watch and goes into a lot of topics we've already discussed in class.


  5. FQ: (T/F) Descartes believed that if you had the tiniest bit of doubt in something, you should reject it completely

    DQ: What are your views on solipsism? Have you ever had the idea that you are the only actual person that truly exists?

    Link: https://www.phy.duke.edu/~rgb/Philosophy/axioms/axioms/node43.html
    The title made me chuckle