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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Section 9 Group 1 "42"

So since it is the first class after fall break and we are in the middle of giving group presentations, I don't know who is supposed to be posting what.  I'm just going to leave these questions here, and people can do with it what they will.

1.  Historically, science replaced what?
2.  Did Montaigne think you should come to philosophy on purpose?

1.  Do you think you learn more from your past experiences or from others'?  Do they hold an equal weight in learning opportunity?
2.  How do you think your personal philosophy has changed over time?


  1. AUTHORS are supposed to be posting something on the readings & reports, and EVERYONE is supposed to be posting DQs, FQs, links, and comments. As always.

    It's really a very simple game.

  2. FQ's:
    1. What is meant by the statement : "What we see usually depends on our 'mental set"?
    2. A ___________ argument typically involves a generalization based on a number of specific observations.

    1. Is it reasonable for one's perceptions to constantly shift? Are you distrusting of people who change their opinions frequently.

    2. What is your opinion of people who spend time criticizing science. Is it productive?

  3. I'm sorry to post here, but no one from Section 14 posted anything and I'm not an author.
    Section 14 Group 2
    FQ: T/F Our knowledge and our expectations of what we are likely to see affect what we actually do see.
    DQ: Cicero believed that "To Philosophize is to learn how to die", but Epicureans thought that to philosophize is to learn how to live. Which do you agree with? Why?
    Link: http://youtu.be/Was0Wn8eZGs